Waveshare relay support


I’m trying to add Waveshare relay and Waveshare moisture sensor to Raspberry Pi

I’m a bit confused about adding Waveshare Relay and moisture sensor to Cayenne. for the relay, which channel(s) should I select? according to Waveshare docs, it should be CH1,2,3


btw, is Cayenne platform shutting down? I’ve seen old topics about adding new sensors but not added yet.

if Cayenne development is stopped, which platform do you recommend for RPi?


Hi again @hadi.farnoud,

Cayenne is not shutting down, we’re alive and well! :slight_smile:

We have however been focusing a lot of our development on features for the enterprise/LoRa community so this has kept our dev team from adding new sensor support for certain things that have been discussed on this forum.

While we will continue to expand the list of Raspberry Pi/Arduino sensors in the Sensor/Actuator lists in the Cayenne GUI, we’ve gone in more of a direction of providing APIs so you can connect any sensor or actuator instead of needing us to provide specific support for a specific hardware model. The advantage here is that you can just use the manufacturers instructions to get the sensor data on the Pi command line, and once you have it, pass it to Cayenne by publishing its values and data type through our MQTT API.

As for the Waveshare relay board specifically, I’ll add a suggestion that we should consider extension support for it in the future (so you can use the GPIO tab like you can do with supported Pi extensions), but as I said in reply to your other post, you should be able to interact with via the MQTT API even without this GPIO tab support.


glad to see you guys moving forward. that sounds great! I only want a simple interface and straightforward docs.