Web dashboard gauge customization with own units not possible

Using : Arduino Uno with W5100 ethernet shield and web dashboard in Google Chrome

First my compliments for this wonderful IOT platform ! It is really nice !

When designing a web interface, I realized that everything is still in development, because I see some strange things happening while designing my web dashboard.
I can work around some issues, but not all.

So here is my first issue :
I cannot design my own gauge looking as I want.
I feel restricted to data types and units built in the Cayenne web dashboard, which is af course much too limited.
I wanted to design a gauge with MY data type and MY units and found out that it is impossible to do.

I wanted a gauge named Windspeed with Beaufort units (Bft)
It seems to be impossible. The units in the gauge can only be float, integer and Volt and will always be shown in the gauge scale ! Why?
So in my case I have a gauge Windspeed wich shows Float as a unit !
This is not looking very nice…

Hope you can solve this issue soon,
Kind regards and keep on doing this nice work !

Hi @LvdK, welcome to the Cayenne Community, thank you for joining us.

This is not so much a bug as a current limitation of our custom widgets, they are not as Custom as you’re imagining just yet. I don’t see any reason why we should not allow you to enter a custom Unit or Value type, so I’m logging it on the Cayenne Roadmap for future development.

As always, if anyone else reading this thread is interested in this feature, please post your support here! We’re trying to develop to community needs and desires so the more interest, the faster it will bump up our priority list :slight_smile:

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Hi Team,

I am with LvdK, I want to use a MC3204 in order to measure voltages, currents and frequency, but the units are shown as a float.

Really great IOT platform.