Web Dashboard on Windows Mobile


I am trying to access my dashboard using a Windows 10 Mobile device. I can login as normal but it takes me to a screen with 2 big buttons to download the IOS or Android apps but it doesn’t just allow me to look at the standard web dashboard.

I realise that the experience would be suboptimal but I’d really like to have the choice. I presume there is a way to bypass this?

I’ve tried all the hamburger menu options (3) and all of them take me to the community area.



Hi @peter_dieck,

So this is because you are accessing the browser version of the dashboard on a mobile device, and not using the app. We currently don’t support app for Windows phones, but we have a running list for Windows app support here that you can add yourself too :slight_smile:


Hi bestes,

Thanks for the quick response. Yes I have already added myself to that list.

However, please note that while an app would be great, I would be very satisfied with you just enabling me to access my dashboard with the standard browser view on my mobile device. I know the formatting may not be ideal but at least I have some access rather than none.

I assume that this is a much smaller development than a whole dedicated app? I’m also sure that many people on “Windows Phone App Supports Requests” list would be thankful.



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Same problem here!
I can’t access online dashboard from my Windows 10 Mobile :frowning:
Please give us a way to skip the page for android app download.

Same here, I just need to watch the dashboard, even from a web browser…