Shared dashboard for mobile

This is a great platform for development, however I could not find solution for everyday usage. My need is very simple: give access to my family members to use the actuators I shared.
I know there is a read only dashboard feature however it is optimised for browsers running on desktop PC. Using this page on a mobile browser is very cumbersome. I cannot believe that there is no better option. I assume that read only/limited access on mobile is a very common use case.

PC dashboard is great but it would be super great if i could share my project with my family, others through mobile cayenne app.

So if they click on my shared link they get:

  1. download link for cayenne app
  2. they log in
  3. my project appears in their “projects menu”
  4. options: read, write

Is there any plan for this? Timetable …

Hi @aszommer & @mojdiy,

Currently, there is no option for sharing on the Android App. The work around would be to share the “Read Only Dashboard” link from the Project View, then have the user click the link, and have them click on “Desktop Site” in the mobile browser settings. This will allow you to see the dashboard through a mobile browser.

The official support for Read Only Dashboard on Mobile is coming later this year.


Always requesting desktop mode makes the system useless for everyday operation.
Could not be the “…” URL setttings changed on the web server to desktop mode, not to force downloading the app?

It’s Feb 2020. Is mobile support for shared dashboards still happening?!

if you are using google chrome on browser then you enable desktop mode to view the shared project.