Release Notes September 6, 2016 (Android Arduino Support!)

Release Notes September 6, 2016

Android App Version 1.2-RC2

  • Arduino Support is here! Any Arduino devices previously on your account via web dashboard or iOS will now be usable via the Android app. New Arduino devices can be added directly via the app as well.

  • Projects feature now available in Android app. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper-left to create and access the Projects area where you can create projects combining all devices/sensors on your account. Existing projects from Web/iOS will be usable as well.

  • Discovery improvements when searching for Raspberry Pis

  • Bug Fixes


I just downloaded it-
sofar, so good- :slight_smile:
Give me about 5 days to solder together my newest Esp12-e mobo- “Allie”,
and I’ll let ya know…

Sofar, I haven’t built or designed an Esp12-e circuit
utilizing the MCP3008 or MPC3004 yet-
but that’s commin’ up soon-
as well as a MCP GPIO expander for the Esp12-e,
both using the SPI bus.

Kewl beans!

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