Widget name change?

I like to change the name of a widget bud it did not work like I expect:
I call it:
Cayenne.virtualWrite(5, stat,“digital_sensor”,“d”);
it looks like

when I want to change the Widget Name, it doesn’t allow me as I can not save it

What is wrong ?

@klaus.313 there is a bug with changing name. @bestes and @rsiegel tagging for this bug.
one way to solve is, first delete the widget from your dashboard. once the widget again pop up on your dashboard, add and soon change the name.

Also make sure, when changing name, that the device is online!!! Otherwise it will not change!

@klaus.313 this is ultimately a bug with the Save button on the 2-State widget as @shramik_salgaonkar said, apologies for the trouble. We just tested the fix for it on our internal systems yesterday, so I imagine a release will be coming shortly.

Until then, as mentioned it would be necessary to delete and re-create the widget to make any edits, since the Save button won’t allow you to do it after the initial creation.