Widget name doesn't carry over to dashboard when calling module for scheduling, (or defaults to older title)

  • LoLin NODEMCU with 4 ch opto coupled relay

  • What dashboard are you using? Web dashboard using Chrome browser

  • Names/Titles of widgets seem to revert back to original widget name when created. EG: ‘Relay 1’ could be changed to be called ‘light’. The next day or over time the original widget list says Relay 1, but hte dashboard or project still says ‘light’. This causes scheduling to stop working as the schedule is looking to actuate ‘light’ module but the widget is back to original ‘relay 1’ name. (at least that’s what I’m interpreting)

Hi @Tuclis, is the naming of the Relay changing back to “Relay 1” in the left sidebar for you too? Or just in the details of an already-created scheduler event?

I should add that we’re aware of an issue with Arduino widgets reverting their naming when renamed while the parent Arduino device is offline in the Cayenne Dashboard.

I’m not sure if that was the case here, but it may be worth renaming the widget while Cayenne sees the NodeMCU as Online and seeing if you have better luck with the changes sticking, until we squash that bug.

I have had the left sidebar revert. Scheduling was working great for a day or two, then it stopped. That’s when I noticed that the left sidebar was back to Relay 1, where the initial assignment of widgets occur.

Fast forward to today. I ensured all instances of logins to the dashboard were logged out (mobile app closed). I had to remove all relay widgets from my project dashboard. In the left sidebar, I then titled all relays how i wanted them and saved. At that point, I was able to add them back in to the project dashboard. Scheduling then referenced the correct widget names for actions. I’ll make sure to see if this happens again and report back.

Thanks for the update, I’ll definitely have my eyes on the thread.

After sleeping on it, and now that you mention the mobile app, I’m thinking this could be related to some known issues with have with syncing between our mobile and web dashboards, where it isn’t always clear which side takes priority and has sometimes caused widget renaming or settings to revert. This is something we’re developing a large back-end change for that will be pushed in the near future, and should make dual mobile-web usage way more reliable that it currently is.

I mention it because if things do start getting ugly again, I’m curious if it will be after use of the mobile app.

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OK, had another instance where the widget in sidebar reverted back. Relay used to be called ‘Aerator’, but was changed to ‘Humidifier’. Item has ran successfully for 1 week before scheduling stopped working. Going into settings the button in dashboard now says ‘Aerator’ even though, outside of settings on the dashboard the button is still called the ‘new’ ‘Humidifier’ label.

Thanks for letting me know, I’m going to make a bug for our developers either way, but currently my suspicion is that the mobile app is involved. Can I ask if you used it in over the course of this past week before the reversion happened? And if so which one (iOS, Android, both?).

If it’s possible for your usage, it would be a good test to fix everything as before and use only the web dashboard for a week or two, to see if that eliminates the problem from happening and narrows down the bug.

Yes, I have used the mobile app as well. Android OS. I’ll get to it tonight and reset everything and remove my mobile app as directed.

Thanks, if its too much of a burden, don’t worry about it, you’ve already given a lot of great information here. But if you won’t mind I’d definitely be interested in the results of such a test.

Not a problem at all.

However, trying to implement the original steps are not resetting items back to working schedules. I removed all relays from Cayenne, and added them back in. Relays manually work fine. When setting up scheduling, my dashboard suddenly multiplied all relay buttons. See screenshot. Very strange stuff going on and scheduling appears dead in the water for arduino. No mobile devices involved anymore.

It also appears in the URL my dashboard has a /raspberrypi/ that i haven’t seen before, even though i’ve never set it up as a rasp device. (and i’ve never reconfigured the actual arduino since initial add in to cayenne).

(More digging later)…

OK, item defaults to arduino dashboard. As soon as I try to make a schedule update and click save, cayenne reverts me to a rasp pi based dashboard (from looking at the URL). That’s when all of the relay widgets triplicate.

Hi @Tuclis,

Did this just start happening recently? We just pushed a huge amount of code to restructure backend architecture so this could be reason for what you are experiencing. Today we will be looking into this issues, hang in there!


We have some intermittent issues with our Arduino scheduling feature that we are looking to resolve today, will keep you updated.


No, the scheduling issue has been happening for a while. But the widget triplication and revert to raspberry pi based dashboard is new since the update.

Any luck figuring out scheduling? I was in the process of sterilizing my test aeroponic grow rail for lettuce when this all went bad. Now I have no way of automating the variables of the test to make them constant… with automation.

Looks like the triplication of widgets has gone away with saving a schedule(and reverts me back to the proper arduino URL). However, I still can’t get scheduling to work.

Replying for a checkup on the scheduling issue. It used to work, albeit a little glitchy pre-site update. Post site update, I’m unable to get any scheduling to work for the relays. Whether it’s custom hourly or a one time event.

This is arduino running on a lua nodemcu ESP8266 chip.

Time Schedule does not work for me either. Also running on NodeMCU ESP8266. I get email that schedule ran, but no action is performed for my NodeMCU. Manually clicking on switch works as expected.

Any updates with the scheduling? I just tried it again today and no luck for an esp8266. Don’t know if that’s also tied in with the projects being lost as well…

Very sorry @Tuclis for the lack of response about our scheduling feature. I will make update about both scheduling feature and projects bug (not related) very soon. It’s a top priority to fix the projects view bug.