You are not changing the icons

I’m having trouble changing the icons on my Dashboard, not true after including the sensors I can not make any changes to them anymore. Could someone give me a hand?

Hi @robsonmartinazzo,

Hmm, very strange. Are you able to share a screenshot of where you are getting stuck? Are you click on the setting icon that looks like this: settings icon cog wheel


Good morning, this is the screenshot of where I’m stuck. I changed the icon that was as value, now to icon and it will not let me save.

Morning @robsonmartinazzo – it looks like this is just a straight up bug, the Save button isn’t working when viewing the settings for a 2-State widget type, even if no changes are being made to the widget settings. I can see in the browser console that the site is throwing some errors in that case as well.

Apologies for this, I’ll get it fixed with our dev team. Until then, the easiest work around would be to delete the widget, and re-create it with the desired settings. The Save button appears to work OK in the initial creation case.

Afternoon @rsiegel ,
when creating again I can not leave the icon of movement, I was creating and making this change.
I am from SBT Santa Catarina, we have several shelters with equipment and we are mounting a monitoring system, which monitors AC and DC voltage, security camera, DHT22 sensor. It is a project, but if we succeed we will implement in 20 shelters that we have.

If you create with settings like this, you don’t see the motion icon on your dashboard?


I do not see the option motion.

I see now. Try going to where it says ‘Custom Widgets’ at the bottom of your screenshot, and creating a 2-State widget from there. It will allow you to pick the icon during widget creation with that option.

I did it for the custom ones, but then it did not work the reading, it was stopped without marking anything

You mean it didn’t make the widget, or the widget is not reading the sensor data anymore? If the latter, could you share a screenshot of the widget settings, and the code you’re using to populate it?

Morning @rsiegel,

It worked fine adding the custom widget, but I did a test yet it is already changing the widget even after it has been added. Thanks a lot for the help!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand in what way it is changing the widget after it has been added. Maybe you could show me with some screenshots?

I expressed myself badly, I’m using google translator, I wanted to say that now it’s already changing the widget that was not before! Now it’s okay

Another question, does the cayenne have any IP camera support?

No worries, glad to here it is OK for now.

We have plans for a Camera widget in Cayenne in the future that would allow you to take snapshots and view a camera stream from your dashboard.

Morning @rsiegel,

but I can put a link to call another page of the IP of the camera?

I don’t think we have any facility to display web links on the dashboard at the moment. This could be accomplished if you created a custom web or mobile app with our REST API, but that may be overkill depending on what you’re planning here. I’ll add it as a suggestion to discuss with our product team for potential future development.

But it would not even have to be on the panel, it could be just a link that called a screen with the camera image, would not it have a way?

You’d still need a widget that can accept a link as data, no? Or am I misunderstanding your question?

We do have a Text widget in the works, this will accept URLs as valid data in the future.

Morning @rsiegel ,
I would still need it, but I did not find this widget to add

It’s still in development. When it is released, we’ll remove the ‘Coming Soon’ banner from the page I linked, and I’m sure I’ll mention it in release notes as well.