Widget to turn ON/OFF lamp form my Android Phone

Hi there: I have e a issue with this project, I setup a widget to turn ON/OFF a lamp, but it doesn’t work from my Cellphone, and from my dashboard, It works, but only from GPIO IN/OUT bottom. Can somebody help me?
It’s really wear, I setup a trigger to get txt message, and email when the lamp turned ON/OFF, and it works perfectly. The relay is connected to GPIO 26.

Can you post a screen shot of the widget settings?

you must be using virtual pin I also made same mistake when I used cayenne first time for my project :smiley:

Thank you, here the screen widget setting

Also, I made this widget too, but doesn’t work either,

Hi @wdlarosa,

So the button widget works from your web dashboard, but not your mobile device.

First, what is your cell phone device model?

Second, is the widget settings in your cell phone the same widget settings displayed in your web dashboard? (Looks like your widget settings on cell phone should also be channel 26).

The button widget doesn’t work either from dashboard and from my cell Phone, I can just turn ON and Off the light is directly from GPIO button IN/OUT. My cell phone is a Samsung 6.

Are you using the pins in the GPIO tab in the dashboard, or are you using another program?