How remove widgets?
There are twice.

Hi @tad.dvor,

Did this occur after you began using the Beta APK of Android app??



We’ll look into this, it’s likely due to a bug in the new Android app. Sorry about this!



In the meantime until we squash this bug, you should be able to avoid the duplication if you create a Project through Add New… > Project, then you can drag over only one (or zero, if you don’t care about a specific one) of the duplicated widgets.

Can you try to ‘reset dashboard’ and tell me if that fixes it?

Go to settings, and there should be a ‘reset dashboard’ option.


Hi @tad.dvor,

Sorry that you had to go through this experience. Do you recall any addtional information / procedure of things happening when you encountered the issue?

Was this an existing account, or a new account?
Was the Pi already on the account before the usage of the new Android build, or did you add the Pi after installing the android app?

What things did you do before observing the issue?
Did you edit the settings of any of those widgets?
Did you see the issue on the android app, and then confirmed it on the web?
Or was it fine on the Android app, and then the issue began to happen after viewing web dashboard?
Were you using the web dashboard and the android app at the same time?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

Thank you very much , it helped.

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