WiFi Shields

What is the difference between the WiFi shield and the WiFi 101 shield. I also see Arduino Uno R3 boards on amazon with built in WiFi.

Hey @klupton

I think the major differences with the WiFi shield vs the WiFi 101 shield are the 101’s support of 802.11n (the original one only does b/g, 101 does b/g/n), and the 101’s CryptoAuthentication chip. You can see the full breakdown of their features on these pages:

The UNO WiFi is a regular UNO with a built in ESP8266 chip to handle the WiFi part. You should be able to get any of these connected to Cayenne.


The Wifi101 library is hUGE though, so if you don’t need the Crypto or 802.11n, it’s best to use another shield with the Uno so you have more room for program space.