Arduino with built-in Wifi



I’m rather new to Arduino and to Cayenne in particular : my apologize if this question has already been raised. I recently bought an Arduino Uno with built-in WiFi (See

I am unable to identify the right “shield” for my project. Under “Arduino Uno”, I can only see separate shields “Wifi Shield” and “Wifi 101 Shield”.

I have tried with the “Wifi shield”, but the sketch does not seem to match

  • the Cayenne “Wifi shield” tells me to specify the SSID and the password (and BTW, in clear…) in the setup() procedure of the sketch itself.
  • the Arduino Uno with built-in Wifi has a different procedure : the SSID and password to connect to my Wifi home gateway need to be specified via a webpage, and are not specified in the sketches… This is described here : The point really is that the SSID and the password are not specified in any of my sketches.

Can anybody advise how I could get this to work ?

Thanks !!



There is already a post here with all the information. Hope it helps!