100% CPU usage with Jessie on model B

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I have an older model PI. I don’t believe the model matters much compared to what I’ve seen this evening, but I believe it’s a model 1 B.

You are installing libraries in /etc (which is WRONG), the expected sys5 init scripts, root crontabs, as well as some other method I have yet to identify to keep your crap running. As soon as I install it on my fresh, completely updated installation of jessie, the CPU goes to the ceiling. Then I have to seek out your shit libraries hiding in /etc!

Libraries belong in /lib or /usr/lib or especiallly in your case… /usr/local/lib/ NOT IN /etc


Hi Kyle,

My apologies for the performance issues you saw on your Pi. You can always uninstall Cayenne using 2 commands if you’re concerned about files laying about your filesystem.

sudo /etc/myDevices/uninstall/./uninstall.sh


sudo /etc/webiopi/uninstall/./uninstall.sh

Ah, so that’s in /etc too. You should go ahead and add a way to invoke that from the android app like the installer, so I could get rid of it as quick as I installed it.

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