HIgh CPU usage in RPI2 - help... new user


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oops sorry, forgot to include I am using IOS. not sure how to get the CPU usage down. Spikes to 100% with no other apps running. I looked at th CPU history and it seemed like it was idling at about 30% or so then at about 1am-ish, it spiked to 100%. Is there an updater on this app that can be turned off?


Welcome to Cayenne!

Are you having issues with your Pi or phone?


Hi and thank you for your response. The high cpu usage is on the PI itself. The PI has a clean install and a fresh copy of Raspbian. It is running nothing else but Cayenne since that is what I got it for. It can be “fixed” by a simple reboot but I need to schedule that about 2x per day.

I can’t submit a list of process running since I am not near my PI to do so but I can do so later if you wish.

Thank you for your help.


Sure, a process list will help.


Sorry for the delay in response. I did resolve the issue with a clean install. I must have had something running that was driving it high.

thank you for your help, I really appreciate the response :slight_smile: