Bug Filed on 02-26-2016: How to uninstall?

on a fresh PI:

  • python libs/APT got broken,
  • can’t ping or login via SSH anymore, despite ifconfig gives me the right IP
  • performance is now a complete PITA

so how do i uninstall this ?

Really, I am super upset, that’s the second PI ruined in a row by your sh*

shame shame guys!

Hello and welcome,

We’ve not heard yet from the community that a Cayenne install affects in any way your ability to SSH into your Pi, or ping. It would be helpful to know what is exactly the issue here when you install Cayenne if you can give us more information. For examole can you elaborate on what Python libs broke?

You can reformat the SD card with a new version of wheezy or Jessie. We are currently working on an uninstall for Cayenne. Please feel free to reach out to me on Skype: bennyestes11. We can have a more in depth conversation when you are free on why you are having trouble. (Note that I’m on U.S. Pacific time).

Suggest a fresh installs of the base OS on the Pi of your choice is a good idea and important skill. It does not take long to re flash a card and make a clean start.
~ Andrew

how f** silly

you should warn people about the risks of installing this crap at all. btw, the system log gets filled until there is no space on the device anymore, after removing it from your back-end. Can’t you just be honest and write BIG : this is alpha, you may loose your PI installation. Its shame for all developers what you’re doing, just selfish and criminal, you should get shot in the knees for that!

As I’ve mentioned before, I would be happy to work directly with you at your convenience.

There are several workarounds for this that have been published in the community: (we will be releasing a fix for this on upcoming Monday)

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here. Do you have time this upcoming week to do a Skype call?

Please be civil and respectful on this forum.


You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I disagree. It is quite unselfish of the Cayenne team to offer this solution as a free tool for anyone to use. My experience has been rewarding and if you have issues I’m sure they will work with you to resolve.

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How odd.
This is a work in progress, a beta and early on when i signed up I remember it saying beta. Just like Microsofts OSs and other beta I tested. So etime a wipe is the only way to go.

I’m guessing some updates may have altered things, possibly Jessie. But I wouldn’t run this on a working installation of Raspian. As SD cards are cheap most would jsut swap in a new Raspian install most likely via noobs and then run the installation.

I’ll be honest I hadn’t realised how much it took over a default Raspian it also broke my Python 3/IDLE3, at least in the default updated Jessie Raspian two weeks ago. Bug a quick fresh install would solve that but I just use that SD card for playing with Cayenne and seeing what it does.

It’s nice to see a project with a responsive forum. Although It would be nice if they where more open with the software, what it alters and how it is working. (Or if they are where to look) BUT that openess is up to them and how they wish to run their software.

It very easy for you not to use it. Just wipe your SD card and start again. Doesn’t take long and quicker than trying to uninstall.

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I agree with other’s sentiments here. The developers are not selfish for providing their product and offering support free of charge. Sure, there are some bugs, but this is a beta product! Constructive criticism is great but there’s absolutely no reason to bash the developers and the product because you had a bad experience. If you don’t like the product, don’t use it. Simple as that.

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1 offer to help

2 offers to help

3 offers to help

It is my opinion that Mr. Guenter V. Baumgart’s interest in Cayenne is strictly that of a competing product.


Why is it hard to understand that being a beta release it isn’t perfect, hence why its called “beta” - which is the normal process of any new software release life cycle. As all beta releases there is always risk that you will have to reinstall something, and common-sense would prevail not to use it on a production system or anything you didn’t want to lose.

I don’t understand what is selfish and criminal about his particular beta release and the development team – what have they done extactly? I imagine threatening people isn’t going to help your case either, and generally not good practice - it could be very unhealthy ;).

Like @ianwladd said “If you don’t like the product, don’t use it. Simple as that.” - and don’t slag other products if your don’t have constructive criticism

I’ll end on a positive and say how excellent the communication has been, even though we are in different timezones. Its been great getting to know everyone with a similar passion for the Internet of Things, and great how you feel involved in the project - and how they listen!. I know there are a lot of good products that try and capture this, and I feel Cayenne is certainly leading the way.
Keep up the outstanding work boys and girls - its fantastic!


It is never wise to install beta software on a production system. SD cards are a dime a dozen now, go get an 8GB card and use that for your test install before you test anything else. It sounds like you Installed on a fresh install, so I’m curious why you are so upset that things didn’t go right? BTW, Cayenne is only software. It didn’t ruin your Pi, all you have to do is re-flash your SD card and everything is back to “factory defaults”. There are plenty of posts here about current problems that are being worked on, all you had to do was read the forums and you would know beforehand that there is no uninstall.

@baumgart.guenter @ats1080s @bennyrut @Ian @ianwladd @bensimmo @dadyargentino @picaxe Hi all, we’ve implemented an uninstall for removing Cayenne from your Pi. To uninstall, click the red ‘Remove Device’ button in the ‘Configure’ section. Please let us know of any issues. We’ll be releasing a small update to the process in about a week too.



Finally an uninstall, awesome! A local uninstall would be good as well for cases when the pi loses connection to the dashboard or there is just no longer an internet connection.

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