2016 Update

Hi from down under and other side of the date line… Good news is there seems to be no y2.016k bugs and things chugging along about the same.

Could we have a bit of an update and or rough game plan thanks ?

  • I have taken the 2x Pi2 off line 24/7 for now as the two Pi between them were making significant inroads to traffic my humble data caps. But I am booting them daily and ‘checking in’ to see if things look like they have changed or updated. Main thing I am tinkering with daily is trying to get the Generic GPIO pins working:
  • Have not been able to add any DO outputs direct off the pins for a while now.
  • DI and Pi pin header inputs work between ‘some’ to ‘most’ of the time when adding. Have not managed more than 1 input per pi (including renaming)
  • DI removal a little sluggish but quite acceptable given, no doubt the ‘clean up’ process required.

As before, documentation and or a mini clip of screen capture / 5 frames showing intended functionality and or setting up things in general would be great. If I get time I may screen capture the add DS18B20 process into a modest GIF.

Remote Access:

  • I have wanted to get back to the remote desktop functionality as that was seriously good while it was working. Is this turned off for now ?

Serial port:

  • This would be VERY Nice to carry on my LoRaPIC R&d project. I have managed some significant radio around corners and 10km maxing things out from dashboard of a moving vehicle off a 3xAA battery and just a single 163mm strand of CAT wire… Would love to get this streaming for you guys to look at.

W.r.t LoRaWAN ideas…

  • Will there be / I recommend a geolocate / GIS / map gadget ? E.g. my wild life, enviro, sensors ping out fixed or dynamic Lat,Lon,Ele and propose that the gadget on a map auto locates and just blats the live variable as a pointer, Value, animated Icon that turns into a plot on hover etc…

Welcome to 2016 everyone :slight_smile:

~ Andrew

Still having issues with remote access?


Remote access was just me…
I had a pop up blocker but perhaps this needs mention in the guide book as it fooled me for weeks
~ Andrew

Thankyou for the Video. Is there a general library of video clips or a link / topic forum area ?

The adding Generic GPIO video is pretty much as I am doing this end. No surprises there. You just have a LOT more response and very short delays between things being clicked and things. As per this mornings post:

  • Generally very slow and unreliable adding of any generic device
  • Dashboard control of devies I have managed to install are 30% functional (per click / activation / toggle of button etc)
  • Dashboard often just sits timeing for a long time with no error message
  • The GPIO tab is slightly more responsive but just as un reliable / slow as above but it Does Have correct error messages e.g. an error message and or times out after 10 seconds max

I will use the same OP you are using and toggle the same IP/OP you have used at the start of the video to see if that makes any dirfference tomorrow.

Otherwise feel free to contact me via e-mail and have a go at adding IP / OP from your end to compare notes. Login is same as I forwarded a few weeks back.

Adding BMP180 Barro Pressure and Temperature and DS18B20 temperature is instant / FAST :slight_smile: Lack of performance on Generic IP / OP just a mystery for now !

~ Andrew