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Glad to be here and hoping I can contribute something meaningful.

A majority of my experience in the IOT frontier so far, is focused on remotely operated, robotic vehicles.
I’m a developer by day and when I’m not spending time with my family, I build IOT stuff.


Hi is there anyone there ?

I am a bit frustrated at the moment put the whole day aside to test this software but broke it after a couple of hours.
Yesterday I only had a small amount of time, I installed the software on a pi2 with an existing/working webiopi installation thinking I could use the existing sensors already connected to give it a good test ,webiopi 0.7.5 loaded up ok but my existing code stopped working because no support for DS2482 1 wire bus what I couldn’t get my head around was that even without the python script running I couldn’t get any other sensor or gpio stuff working, so I reloaded webiopi 0.7.1 back on that pi.
Then I dug out a old pi b and loaded a fresh install of wheezy loaded up myDevices / webiopi 0.7.5 and for a couple of hours this morning, had a play then pressed that “Reset dashboard layout to default” and broke the dashboard.
So until I get some help I’m stuck.

Hope anyone else who is testing, has a bit more luck than I had.


Hey Toshi,

That’s interesting that you tried using myDevices Cayenne on a Pi that already had an installation of WebIOPi. Admittedly, we did all of our testing on ‘clean’ Pi’s that only had Raspbian installed, since WebIOPi is installed on the Pi with myDevices Cayenne.

@svazir Let’s do some tests on Pi’s with WebIOPi already installed and see if there are some issues.

We will look into ‘Reset dashboard layout to default’ issue…thanks for making us aware!



I’m Chaun (South Africa), don’t have a lot of knowledge with Raspberry Pi’s and Linux, will most likely be representing the uninformed community out there, certain things might be taken for granted by some which I will most likely not know :slight_smile: if not spelled out properly I’ll struggle and moan about it.
I’m an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with programming knowledge using PIC’s and Arduino (and a borehole monitor using my pi) so not just dumb, just inexperienced in certain fields. I’ve developed my first pi program with help from the community out there. Hoping I can contribute!

Hi Chaun,

Welcome! myDevices Cayenne is geared toward any level of Raspberry Pi user, so no worries. Thanks for saying hi and be sure to let us know your thoughts and suggestions or if you run into issues.


likewise, i loaded onto an already configured pi with webiopi (latest) and the install and connection all ran v smoothly, but from there on in it’s been rather bumpy…
i have an 8 way relay running various things and some gpi0 pins would accurate some not, and there was a several minute delay in activation on the ones that did…
wondering about an option to run it locally and not via cloud?
I’m thinking to get a fresh install going and start things from there, as it’s obviously the way it was intended…
most interesting…

We’re going to test out issues with using myDevices Cayenne with a Pi that already has a version of WebIOPi on it…Cayenne uses a modified version of WebIOPi so there might be something buggy here.

I’ll update you when we can get some more information on this!

Thanks for sharing and keep giving us feedback :grin:

Our iOS and Android Apps will run locally!


I had problems with a Pi that had webiopi installed as well. It overwrote my custom config (shame on me for not backing up first!), and also changed the RPi B Rev2 config to be a RPi B+, which broke GPIO 4, that had a sensor attached to it.


I just created account to use ‘mydevices cayenne’ platform. I am excited to test it on my Pi.


Hi Everyone,

I’m Derik from South Africa. Systems Admin by day, tinkerer by night.

As for the tinkering, I’ve already run into some problems with setup. Followed the instructions,
let setup run on a clean install of Debian Jessie, and rebooted after leaving it for a good 30min.

Nothing pops up in dashboard. Am I missing something?

Hi Enoch,

Welcome to the Community. Sorry about the over-writing!

Can you go into more details about what happened for GPIO 4 to break?


Welcome Ganesh,

Let us know your thoughts!


Hi Derik,

Hmmm…did you try refreshing the page? You don’t see any widgets at all? The dashboard should have a CPU, Memory, And Storage widget automatically.

Let me know if problem persists, might have to debug directly on your Pi.


Works fine after using the latest full Jessie image. Is the Lite image unsupported?

You were using Jessie Lite at first?

At this time, we have only been testing the full Wheezy and Jessie… This is great feedback though. Do you think Jessie Lite to be supported?


Yes, I was running a fresh install of 2015-11-21-raspbian-jessie-lite

I personally like the lite images, cause they boot a bit faster, and I can get away
with using old smaller SD cards, but if you’re going to end up downloading half the distro anyway,
just to get all the dependencies for Cayenne, it’s probably not worth it

You’re probably right. We’ll stick with supporting & testing Wheezy / Jessie for now, and will look into Jessie Lite if we have time in the future.

Appreciate the feedback,