Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: Geriatric Generic Pi GPIO DO

1. What OS? (Wheezy or Jessie)


2. What class/size SD card? (ex. class 10 16gb)

8 Gig, ‘Good’

3. What Model Pi? (A+, A, B+, B, Pi2)

Both my Pi 2

4. Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.


  • First toggle any of the DO Generic OP the first time I almost always get an instant response. The graphic can take quite a few seconds 5 to 30 seconds to update
  • The 2nd time I mostly get no response or delayed response
  • 3rd time almost never works
  • IF I go out to the GPIO screen and even come back doing nothing else this can hurry things up / refresh the responsiveness
  • Generally going away and coming back after a few minutes the expected level of responsiveness is back but looses the plot again after the third toggle.
  • Not a lot of difference Re: this bug between the dashboard and GPIO screen tabs

Setting Up Generic GPIO:
I seem to be only able to set up 2 IP or 2x OP Max and various error messages come up telling me I have done something wrong when repeating the exact steps for the first device. I am giving the 2nd and third unique names etc)

Proposed loop back test:
I am going to connect OP pin to IP pin ob both my Pi so the responsiveness can be observed. Just an idea and hunch this might help when testing things out.

~ Andrew

We are working on improving Digital Sensor and Actuator…
Hope that will solve also that issue.

Agreed, we’re going to dedicate time to look into this.

@svazir or @akaranfilian Use the light actuator breadboard I gave you to create Generic Digital Output widgets for each light. Follow Andrew’s steps and you should be able to reproduce.


I was able to reproduce this issue with the breadboard @bestes with using the electric input at 5V and using amber,orange and Red LEDs the lights came on the first time and stayed on after was not able to switch them off from the GPIO or the Dashboard, @picaxe was wondering if that was the case for you and your lights were wired with a 5V input and the color was amber, orange or Red?


here is an image of the test board that I use for education and courses in NZ. I demo Scratch GPIO , Python and WEBIOpi with it. This is just an annimated concept / image so hold on to your seats this is Not Cayenne (yet) …


This just plugs as a blob onto the GPIO and is great for testing and demonstation purposes when coding. I call it the ‘Penguin Crossing’ (aka uk zerbra crossing) as students can relate to a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing as a day one coding challenge or example.

I find that there is now a big delay or lockup

I am mainly having issues with just getting the Generic or Any DI (digital Input) or DO (Digital Outputs) set up on the dahsboard. If anything things are slightly slower and more difficult. Last week I could set up a maximum of 2 DI annd or DO but not much more than that.

This week I can hardly get anything more than one DI working on one of my Pi2

Could we have even a general instruction on how to set them up… 6 sentences please… I am crashing around trying to pre set the GPIO pin as an input or output using the GPIO tab. As above I have pretty much exhausted permutations of adding, editing names etc…

Seems like something is qued up or may need to wipe the Pi and start again from scratch to see where the bug is.

This will be pretty much a priority for me for demo purposes. So a bit of a road block for now.

On positive other things like the auto install DS18B20 digital temperature devices is just amazing !!! (see sep post)

~ Andrew

I have been hammering the dashboard trying to get any functionality out of the Add Device / Remove Sensor based on the GPIO hardware pins. Is anyone else having issues here of just my setup / system here ?
~ Andrew

Resolving this per discussion on other GPIO DO topic :slight_smile: