5200 chip initialisation issue


I’m running Cayenne on the KMP ProDino Netboard (Leonardo/5200) and am seeing an occasional issue where the LAN wont init properly.

Either it wont even turn on the port LEDS, or the port leds are on and it finally comes up with “Failed DHCP” message in debug.

I noticed the KMP sample code delays the LAN port startup somewhat after boot up and starts reliably - maybe a delay needs to be added in your library to assist? I havent looked at the libraries side by side to see where I might be able to modify it.

Even rebooting the board a few times doesnt seem to resolve it - even power cycling doesnt help. I end up loading some KMP sample code back into it and then my Cayenne code again to get it to work


As a work around i have added an extra routine into my startup that simply resets the ethernet chip - it now starts reliably on every startup.

Maybe you could tweak the library to add that reset process into the “cayenne.begin” command?