5V Analog control signal


Hi there I’m new to this project and wondering if i could manage 3 external pumps which need 0-5V for 0-100%?
3 Temperature Sensors for monitoring and regulate the pumps are already installed.
If i lose conection to the Internet what happens?
Is it possible to have a local server?

lg Simon


Welcome to Cayenne!

You can certainly manage you pumps using generic outputs.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to control it when there is no internet connection unless you are using Arduino and code in another interface.

Local server is currently not an option but has been discussed.


What happens if it lose connection does it hold its last state or does it stop?
automation is processed in the cloud not localy right?


It would hold it’s last state. For example the pump would be on and stay on until you manually turn it off or you get internet again and can remotely turn it off. Yes automation processed in the cloud.

We have a scheduling feature for the Pi where the schedule is stored locally, so if you lose internet connection, your schedule you have set would still run .



@adam Would love to see local server so I can incorporate in my project with touchscreen.