A button to run a custom script

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I have had a play with this and I think that a button to run a specific script would be great.




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… a button to run a specific script …
Great suggestion!
I know that this is already on the radar and maybe even on the road map of future offerings with our friends at Cayenne. A quick search of the community for things like "script, python, sand box, sandbox" will get you to several discussions on the subject. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on how you would use such a function.

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Yes… Especially from squeaky wheel me down here… :wink:
I will keep speaking up and advocating for some nominal generic interactivity between Cayenne and the more ‘Open Sauce’ Hardware maker community. I acknowledge that Cayenne is a pretty ‘pre solved’ plug and play hardware kind of thing but I feel (predict) there would be an explosion of concepts and popularity once a nominal or even pre set range of Virtual portals are created.

I have been browsing the cook book but still think that some kind of python function(s) = = a Generic Cayenne virtual device. I would suggest / challenge the team for even a dozen buttons or widget or gadgets e.g.

  • DI = = Virtual Digital InPuts as say a single data byte/word bits read From a python
  • DO = = Virtual Digital OutPuts write To a python data byte/word
  • AI = = Simple python byte or word InPut scales to 0.0 > 100.0
  • AO = = OutPut scales to 0.0 > 100.0 into python data Simple byte or word in python.
    Thanks again
    ~ Andrew