Is possible to create a custom widget based on shell script?

I want to add some widgets based on some shell scripts but i dont know where to start.

Basically each widget returns just one valeu. And I want to create some triggers based on it.

Hi @drozzinipires and welcome to the Cayenne Community!

We do have Python scripts in custom widgets, as well as Python scripts that could be triggered by a THEN action in our triggers system on the product roadmap, so check back for these soon.

Right now there is no direct interaction of shell scripts and Cayenne, but you may be able to accomplish what you’re looking to do here with Virtual Pins

So you can write the output of your shell script (presuming it’s an integer or floating point number - more data types coming soon) to a virtual pin that can be read in by Cayenne widgets.

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I should add that Virtual Pins are an Arduino-only feature at the time of this post, but something we’d like to add to Raspberry Pi in the future.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I will look for the py scripts. I’m using rpi, so virtual pin isnt a option.

Old topic but…How far in the future?