Ability to run any script/program from a button?

I had assumed a basic feature would be the ability to have a button/slider/widget that you could activate on your phone that would cause a script to activate on the pi. I was surprised to see it appears there is no such feature. I installed Cayenne specifically because I wanted to have an easy way to start and stop some processes on the rpi. I see other requests for this feature-- when will this feature be available? I’ll suppose I’ll probably disable cayenne until it is.

Hi @dollarusername,

This ability, unfortunately, is not out yet. With Cayenne integration with Arduino this is likely possible. Ability to run custom scripts from Pi is a feature we are excited to begin working on.

Much of our efforts is being put towards opening up an API, so custom scripts would be soon after. I would think sometime in September or October :slight_smile: