About graphs

For graphs, the user should have the possibility to:

  • zoom in and out on graph (if I need hourly evolution, daily evolution, etc)
  • refresh rate (i see right know the points are sometime at 7 seconds aother time at 15 seconds)

Generally, I’m talking about interactive graph.

(The conclusions above were observed using a DS18B20 sensor).

PS Why we cannot have two widgets on same sensor: for example a sensor graph and a sensor value?


Hi Bogdan,

Great idea of multiple widgets for a single sensor. I’ll add it to our backlog!

For Graphs, we are working on our ‘History Graph’ widget. This would allow you to view historical data based on hours, days, or even months.

We’ll look into the refresh rate and what can affect it being sporatic.

Thanks for these suggestions,



please look on the graphs. even if between two consecutive values don’t have the same number of seconds(sometimes is 7 sec, sometimes is more) the distance is the same. for example in the below graph: 21:43:23/21:43:30/21:43:46/21:43:53 we have 7sec/16sec/7sec and the distance is the same on graph between these values.

@svazir Let’s look into this so we can provide info as to why.

Love graphs… I have an IoT system we pulled together years back that works out of the back end of Open Mesh / Open WRT and a few lines of custom script and pushes data up to a humble MySQL. php allows watching penguins (and any ‘wild’ life) is seriously cool when you can see behavior via light level ( one pixcel ! ) and or temperature fluctuations in the feeding, egg rolling, incubating, feeding and ‘domestics’ that go on using just a few bytes of data every few minutes. I find that very clear patterns emerge from a well thought out, simpler data stream.

Random thoughts…
An X axis cron job some place and adding in ‘multiple of x seconds’ update cycle would tidy things up. Quantise readings, and could reduce data and traffic too perhaps. Screen refresh was related to this for monitor applications where screen gets left open as a control and monitor device like in a control room… I.e. Click/Tap - drag choose resolution of the X axis…

~ Andrew

Moving chart paper type option too please… so you get a ‘glance-able’ display that does not have to be dragged, refreshed, re paged.
~ Andrew

@bogdan_bogodai We changed the graphs. Take a look and let us know what you think?

Along these lines it would be nice to see the “hidden” data points on the longer time frame graphs when you zoom in, and when you slide your mouse over it, instead of locking to the nearest point.