New 2 Data Point on the same widget chart : live view issue


On web dashboard : the view live doesn’t refresh in “minutes” mode !

in “live” mode it’s ok !


Hi @SuperNinja,

When you use the time filters, like “m”, “h”, “d”, etc, it won’t dynamically update in real time. So if you have this view open, you’ll see that the point furthest to the right, is the latest point of when you open the graph. If you want to see the latest, use Live view or refresh the browser when using the time filters (as a temporary fix).

We plan on having the graph update more dynamically soon, so it doesn’t cause confusion, as in your case. Check back with us in a week or two on this topic.



ok !! @jcruz1
I thought that the last update automatically refreshed the view whatever the filter ! !

I thought that was the case, because I switched from one device to another and saw my chart updated without doing (F5). What I did (and bored) regularly BEFORE the update.
We will say that it is a transition update to live view :wink:
wait again some weeks Thanks


Can you tell how can display 2 data on same chart?


Click on the settings icon of your line graph widget, and you will be able to add a second data point. We have not posted the release notes yet but when we do, it will include a 'how-to" :slight_smile:



Thanks. And can i add more or just one?
I would like see 4 data


That’s coming :slight_smile: