Need more resolution on graph data

I have been using the graph widget to follow the temperature on the cooling fins of my air compressor. I have changed the working parameters of the compressor and I use the temperature to indicate when it runs. Sort of one step away, but it works… The issue i have is that the graph widget doesn’t have enough resolution to always catch when it runs. If i have it on “hour” mode i can see the spike, but when I switch to “day” mode it only has 24 data points and the temp spike usually gets lost in between the once an hour data readings… When I switch to “month” mode all data is completely lost. I can’t seem to find how to have any kind of history of data with any reasonable resolution… Any help or updates will be greatly appreciated!

I think that you don’t have any information in month because the system needs to be run for the whole month to be able to show the graphic extracted based on everyday use based on the number of the days in the particular month.

Hello! Thanks for replying to my comment on the resolution of the graph. The issue is that I don’t have any control over the resolution of the graph. So the “last 10 minutes” has a resolution of 1 minute, “hour” has a resolution of 1 minute, “day” has a resolution of 1 hour, and “month” has a resolution of 1 day. It is not a big deal, but I don’t know what value it uses for the data points either. I’m guessing that for example the data used in the “day” graph is the value that was recorded on the hour (1am, 2am, 3am, etc.), not the average for the hour or the maximum for the hour (or the mininum) etc.

This also means that I can’t go back and look at what temperature it was last tuesday at 3:15 if I had wanted to. I can get a temperature for tuesday, but I don’t know what that temperature is (max temp?, average temp?, temp at 5am?). I also can’t catch the peaks of temperature to see what the max temp is when there is a spike. The other thing that I am trying to get out of this is how often I have those spikes in temperature (due to the air compressor turning on) which will tell me if I have a leak in the air lines etc.

I also tried using the trigger function to set off an alarm when the temperature got above a certain set point to alert me when the air compressor ran. The trigger function worked, but kept repeating itself until the temperature went below the set point… I had to turn it off :).

Anyway, much to discuss on this, I’m just hoping that Benny is still active and working on the system (along with a growing team:slight_smile:).

Thanks again for your comments!

You are right for the data points. I think that Cayenne team would give you more information :slight_smile:

Yes, I have the same request actually, just never posted it. It would be nice to select some options for the graph like average the results, give me actual values on an interval, etc. This way you can be certain what you are looking at is what you expect.