Bug Filed on 02-19-2016: Displaying all data point in trends

Dashboard and data display

4. Please describe the bug / issue. Attaching any relevant screenshots would be very helpful! Thanks in advance.

Below are data trends from the same sensor over the same period of time using two different IoT platforms. It’s my opinion that one of the reasons to have data collected is so that it can be observed to draw conclusions. Unfortunately using one data point a day for a seven day period when there are hundreds or thousands available isn’t using the available data to its fullest.

I would like to see all available data displayed regardless of the time span.



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Hey Ian,

Wow, thanks for uploading the comparison pics. Makes total sense. The purpose of a graph would be to see variation over time. I will talk to the team about this and get back back to this thread with more info!

Again, thanks for letting us know about this,


I am seeing something similar. Collecting data for about 4 days and nothing shows up in the daily plot. Sometimes it will show many data points in the hour plot sometimes it says no data available for this period.

I assume that you are still working on this…
Uploaded some screen shots

Along the same lines as the above Bug-

This is the graph for a digital input, when is a digital input ever anything but Zero or One?

This really makes my OCD quiver.


Weird, what sensor is this?


It’s the PIR that turns on the light over my desk. This is the 1 hour graph.

Obviously more appropriate for a binary sensor. I’ve decided the daily and beyond graphs average their data which is how we end up with data points on digital input that aren’t zero or one, and daily temperatures for a week that look like a pulse-less heart attack victim. It could be advertised as a PWM graph. But I think it’s silly, I really would like to see all data points plotted.

It must be late, I’m ranting,



We’re in the process of updating our graph libraries. Meaning that we should have more control over the data points that we display.

Keep you updated.



Has there been any update on this? I have a temperature sensor hooked up, and I would like to see a graph from the past 12 hours. When I click on the “hour” view I can see data from the past hour. When I click on the “day” view I get a message that says “No data available for this period.” I have had the sensor up and running for about 36 hours. I wish there was a way to view all data collected for that sensor, even if that means downloading the data and graphing it myself.


I am also still having this issue with graphing for my PIR sensor. No data on anything past the live view.

Are you by chance using MQTT to send the data to the dashboard? If not what are you using?

I just used the dashboard to set it up and mostly used the code provided by the dashboard. I’m not sure what MQTT is.

Ok, so that rules out MQTT. Are you using a Pi then?

Sorry, I should have said what I was using. Its a LinkNode D1 (ESP8266) set up with Arduino IDE. I am using virtualchannel.

Ah, ok. There is another bug post here No data available for this period - #5 by jmjobin that I think describes what you are seeing. When the data does not change for a long period it is not displayed. Is that what you are seeing?

Yes exactly what I am seeing.

Ok, just hang in there. It’s a bug that the Cayenne team is aware of.

@ggossage unfortunately there is not a download all data option yet, although it has been discussed before. Unfortunately at this point we will have to wait for this bug to be fixed for you as well.

Thanks for your fast replies. I’ll wait it out.

Answer by email because the Visit Topic is pointing the wrong topic.

The answer: If we do not change the data for a long time periode we do not see anything. The graph is not moving. Seems that event make the graph move in time but not the time.
Also in this case only “live” graph works all other show data not available…