ADC input with scaling in dashboard


Having one hell of a time fitting the new library into a leonardo with only basic functionality.
I need to read a voltage and send it to the dashboard in VOLTS - but as soon as turn it into a float to be able to send it in the correct format it blows any hope of fitting it into the available code space!

A feature I use in other telemetry products is to scale the reading at the CLIENT end - ie the device just sends the raw ADC reading (ie 0-1024) and I apply a scaling factor in the client dashboard and bingo job done!

This would make life SO much easier!!! How about adding that to the widgets?


Thank you @tim2 for the suggestion. i will forward this to the team.


Cheers - Would make coding devices simpler and use less space just in “formatting” an output allowing more useful things to be done on devices with limited code space