Bug Filed on 07-08-2016: Solar Cell widget icons and live data missing

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I’ve powered up the system and the ADS1115 readouts are correct but in the wrong format.

I examined the widgets on the Overview page and the Gauge icon I chose is not visible, no icon is visible.

The live graphs have no input.

The data type I chose, volts, is not used, Float is indicated.and the readout is converted to volts only by this equation :
volts is equal to the readout times the maximum scale value at the given gain
factor, which in my case turns out to be :
vdc = x * 4.096 | for gain = 1; and readout equals ‘x’

I can confirm that the value in the dashboard is 0-1 proportionate to the volts DC of the input on a 0-4V scale. It would be good to be able to select the display of the number either 0-100%, volts, or actual value or the 15 bit number.

The web app states the output is in Float. The changes made in the widgets are not being made is the conclusion.

Just so everyone can do the transformation :

The output of the ADS1115 extension in Cayenne is the raw output
divided by the range maximum of the binary scale, 32767.
The chip range is +/-32767 (2^16).
To get the equivalent voltage, multiply by the full scale
value of the Gain, hwich in this case is 4.096 at a Gain = 1.

ADS1115 calculations

Adafruit software example 'simpletest.py output :

pi@raspberrypi:~/Adafruit/examples $ python simpletest.py
Reading ADS1x15 values, press Ctrl-C to quit…
| 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 |

| 8078 | 4288 | 5869 | 5618 |
| 8027 | 4216 | 5787 | 5518 |
| and so on.

Take as an example :
8078, 4288, 5869, 5618

Divide by the range max, 32767 (2^16) to get the percentage ratio :
0.24652851954710531937620166631062 0.24652 represents 24.652% of the range.

Round off for convenience :

Multiply by the maximum scale value at gain = 1, i.e. 4.096, to get volts D.C.
1.00978688 vdc
0.53600256 vdc
0.73363456 vdc
0.70225920 vdc

To sum up, not all changes to ADS1115’s solar cell widgets are being accepted and those that are can be delayed. Erratic is the word I use. Currently, the four solar cell widgets are set up with name/value/Gauge/volts but the overview does not display the value or show the icon. The extension page shows the correct fractional value (Float) and not he volts, as programmed. The live graph has no input. In order to get the correct values, I had to run the Adafruit software to get the correct values to print in Cayenne and Weaved. Remember, before I introduced Weaved or Adafruit software, Cayenne was not producing the correct values, but , instead, a set of static values, all the same.

Would be best to be able to change the gain. Or, if there was a way to include a conversion factor so the display would match measured units. My inputs are from a load cell and a linear transducer. As currently set up, the displayed values are not useful. There needs to be a way to calibrate the output display for this to be useful.