Adding CPU temp widget?

Is there a way to add a widget for CPU temp ? The temperature is available in the details of the CPU load, but cannot be added as a single widget.
And is it possible to add trigger on it ?


Hi CrazyCat,

We actually show the Pi temperature on the iOS app as a single widget. However, not on the dashboard as a single widget. As of now, not possible to trigger off of it. What’s your use case for the trigger?


Hello, I usually use triggers on CPU temp to have warning when it’s too hot for me. Usually, it’s around 42°C, and I define 45°C as an alarm temperature, indicating an overload.
I join a graph of today temps, where the alarm should be triggered.

Makes sense. Pretty sure we are getting the data point too, so it’s a matter of giving you access to it I’m going to move this to the Ideas / Suggestions category so we can get this scheduled on our roadmap.


We add the CPU temp widget to web dashboard. There is another topic open for creating a trigger of CPU temp, so I’ll keep that topic open, and close this one. :slight_smile: