Cpu temperature


I accidentally deleted the CPU Temp widget on my Raspberry Pi Dashboard. Is there any way I can get it back? I’ve been trying for a while. Sorry if this is a dumb questions and I just haven’t been able to find it.


Hi @julian, was this on the web dashboard (as opposed to mobile?). I don’t think we should allow you to delete that widget – there shouldn’t be a Remove button available.

Is it possible you deleted it from a Project view (one of the tabs across the top of the Cayenne dashboard), as opposed to from the parent Pi device (listed in the left sidebar of the Cayenne dashboard)? If it was just removed from a Project view, you can re-add it by dragging it from the left sidebar into the project dashboard.


This was on the web dashboard. It was the parent Pi device. I was confused too because there is no button for any of the other sensors to be deleted. I tried the dragging thing but since it was on the main Pi page that wouldn’t work.
I ended up fixing it by resetting the dashboard ( I hadn’t thought of that before). And now I can’t delete it anymore. Must have been a temporary bug that occurred when I deleted a bunch of other widgets. I’ve been experiencing a few of those.


Strange, but glad it is back (and in the expected state) now. Certainly ping me / make a thread if you suspect other bugs like you mentioned you’ve been seeing in the future.


There is no delete button to this widget. How is this possible? I used to remove them from the source code of the loaded page, but after page refresh, they are visible again.


Have you considered using the Project tabs across the top of the Cayenne web dashboard? These will allow you to drag in only the widgets you need, so you can just leave the CPU Temp or other default Pi widgets in their device dashboard without worrying about deleting them (from the source code or otherwise).


Yes, for the project is ok, but I mean for the device screen in the dashboard :wink:


I never updated this thread, but wanted to share that the ‘Remove’ button becoming available on the Pi CPU Temp widget is a bug apparently caused by adding an icon to the CPU temp widget on the iOS app.

Strange one, but that explains why you were allowed to delete it without any way to put it back – because we didn’t intend for you to be able to delete it in the first place. We’ll get that fixed and it should avoid this situation. And of course you can use the project view if you don’t want to see it, like I mentioned above.