Problem with ThingPark-Cayenne integration

We have problems with connecting our LoRaWAN-device on ThingPark network server ( with applications server Cayenne (

On ThingPark we have added Cayenne as Application server, configured AS routing profile for it and added this settings for our devices.

On ThingPark logger we see signals and data from our devices just-in-time - that makes us believe that we work correctly with network server.

We’ve also added these devices in our Cayenne account ( Cayenne LPP - Button - Network: Actility) and configured them for ThingPark NS. But we don’t see any upcoming data from them on Cayenne.

Is there is any possibility for us to understand whether we properly configured connection between NS-AS.
Does Cayenne see our devices or maybe we send data in invalid format or some other issues ?

For reference our Dev EUIs are - 001A798812000011 and 001A798812000010

i checked the log and the payload that is received is not in valid Cayenne LPP format.

Payload: 01930001

Payload: 01800001

Have a look at the docs Cayenne Docs

Would You be so kind to explain me what i’m doing wrong - I guess I’ve used valid format:
01 - 1byte Data channel
93 - 1byte DataType ( Expansion Pack Data Types - Controls - Push Button - 3347-3200 = 147 (93 in HEX) )
00 01 - 2bytes - value

that data type is still not supported by cayenne LPP. For downlink check payload format in the docs.

Ok, thank you very much for help, after changing data type I finally see my data in dash board.
But there is another thing I would be happy if you could explain - I see digital input button appeared for my device in dashboard - and I click on it - I see spinning wheel and - what has to happen?
Downlink message should be sent from Cayenne to my device?
But I don’t see any downlink data on ThingPark from Cayenne… May be I’m doing something wrong again?

if you can create a button then you should receive the downlink payload. the spinning issue is because the button widget is waiting for a response from the node that the downlink is received. for this, you need to send a response with the same value to cayenne again.

thank you for explaining - my device can handle data coming from AS, but i still see no - no downlink data on my node after toggling button widget. And network server ThingPark proves that no data from AS Cayenne was sent to my device.

okay. can you PM me your email_id and devEUI

thanks, i got your email and devEUI

it is a bit difficult to debug the issue happening in your case. so, can you remove and readd the device. or can you use TTN ?

Unfortunatelly, the same problem after deleting/recreating device…
Do You recommend to use another network server?

it is just that with TTN network server, the downlink is handled out of the box. whereas the other network server, it depends on the user how to handle it and there are frequent errors reported.