LoRa Device Cayenne LPP Integration

Hello All,

I’m currently trying to integrate a custom device into cayenne. Unfortunately I can’t see any data in my cayenne dashboard.

The device is registered in the swisscom-network and added in Cayenne as generic “Cayenne LPP” device. (We’re using the microchip RN2483 module for communication).

For Test reasons, I transmit the payload example 03 67 01 10 05 67 00 FF on channel 1 with the module. I expect 2 Temperature sensor widgets with a temperature of 27.2°C on channel 2 and 25.5°C on channel 5 shown in the dashboard, but nothing happens…

I’ve integrated the device as followed:

  1. Registered the Device in the Swisscom LPN portal (portal.lpn.swisscom.ch)
  2. Added the Application Server with https://lora.mydevices.com/v1/networks/swisscom/uplink as route
  3. Send the example data for checking connectivity (ThingPark Wireless Logger), there I can see some data transmissions
  4. Registered the device in cayenne as “Cayenne LPP” device under the swisscom network and entered the credentials
  5. Send the example data again, checked in the Wireless Logger (success) and the Cayenne dashboard

But the dashboard remains empty…

Where could be the Issue? Maybe a simple format error?



Hi @alain.messerli,

Can you provide the DevEui of your device? I can look it up on our database to see if we’re receiving data from it.

Based on the payload you provided, this is it what our Cayenne LPP codec will translate it to:

        "channel": 3,
        "type": "temp",
        "unit": "c",
        "value": 27.2,
        "name": "Temperature (3)"
        "channel": 5,
        "type": "temp",
        "unit": "c",
        "value": 25.5,
        "name": "Temperature (5)"


The LPP data format is good. I’d want to look at the raw data you are sending to the Cayenne server. If you are sending extra bytes, the packet will be ignored.

I had a setup where Loriot was adding an extra 00 and it was ignored.



Good morning everyone! Thanks for your replies, the deviceEui is 0004A30B001A611A

This morning I’ve just sent again the data pattern as descripted above and it’s working! Two temperatures occured with the correct value!

So my question is now, where was the fault? Or does the swisscom<->cayenne connection need some extra-time for establishing?

Thanks Alain

Hello everyone,

yesterday I’ve setup a new device (DevEUI: 0004A30B00201DD9) and the problem with the cayenne-dashboard update occured again.

I’m sending data every 15 minutes (the transfer is successful, as shown in the Swisscom Wireless Logger) but nothing appears on the cayenne dashboard…

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

so there was a problem on my side: the device to select in the Add new… → Device/Widget MUST be

LoRa → Swisscom → Cayenne LPP

With this setting, all works fine!

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