Adeunis pulse3 no counter widget

Only receiving the daily x30 frame in cayenne, with associated widgets.
Not receiving the bi-hourly x5a counter frame, so no widget either.
(Transmitting fine to the Things network)



Previous adeunis pulse that I had worked fine until I drowned it.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong this time.


can you share the device link, as in the pulse docs there is no payload associated with 0x50.

Payload not working is 0x5A, which is the payload for the A counter (B counter not in use)

Dev EUI 0018B2400000455C




i mean the device website link.

Sorry, here it is:



So if Cayenne can’t handle counter frame 0x0A will it handle frame 0x46 ?
This is sent if no historisation, (if register 301 set at 1)
I will try this.

From Adeunis guide:
This frame (0x46) is transmitted at the frequency defined in register S321 and only if register 301 is set to 1.
(in byte) Data Description
0 0x46 Frame code
1 Status Status byte
2 – 5 Counter - channel A Counter value for channel A when transmitting the
6 - 9 Counter - channel B Counter value for channel B when transmitting the

Have you selected Pulse or Pulse V2. The pulse V2 decodes the 0x46 frame, we are working on adding on 0x5X frame into the Pulse V2. Will update once done.

Yes, selected Pulse V2

Until you update I will send the 0x46 frame instead.

Thanks for your help


@niccoleman we have made changes. it will now decode 0x5x frame type though only at t0.