Atim acw-th-1


I had an ATIM ACW-TH-1 in cayenne project.
Thats work great but :
1 - I have an SNR windget that not working.
2 - Where are going the life frame : 010D280D2864 ?


@rsiegel or @croczey any ideas here?

Can you please send me the DevEUI of your device so I can check our logs?

What do you mean when you say that the SNR widget is not working? Is it showing null values, incorrect values, or is it not showing up at all?

Iā€™m looking at our codec for this device now and it looks like we ignore all frames that do not have the first byte identifier 0x23. This is because the payload documentation that we have states that this is the expected first byte for incoming data packets. So if your payload is coming in: 010D280D2864 then we will not decode and display that data.

As a quick first check, can you please confirm that the AppKey/AppEUI or AppSKey/NwkSKey is the same in the network server console as it is embedded on the device? If these numbers are not entered properly, it can cause the incoming data to not be decrypted/encrypted properly, which will cause a random payload string, like what we might be seeing here.

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my device pass through thethingnetwork and the payload is good in thethingnetwork so my AppKey/AppEUI are good.
devEUI :

I have this error

EDIT : you can download the doc here :

EDIT 04/12/2017