did you ever get this figured out? I wanted to use this board for a ph sensor and some soil sensors and it shows with the script but I am having the same problem where it just freezes when I try to pick it in cayenne.

can you share the code you are using? also add #define CAYENNE_DEBUG in your check your serial monitor to find out what is causing it to freeze.

just the sudo i2cdetect -y 1
it shows it on 49 like I set it to.
I restarted the pi thinking it might need to re-initilize or something and now the pi works fine but its not conneting to cayenne so I’m just going to re-image jessie in the morning and start over from a clean image…

Can you try with raspbian stretch for better working.

For some reason the sites not letting me even log in at the moment so I’m replying from email.
I never got it to work with the dashboard. I can run the test scripts and show exactly what I want to see; however, even adding the ADS in the new dashboard isn’t allowed. Adding a generic sensor doesn’t seem to even work either.

what is the issue you are facing while login into site? can you provide some detail, so i can look into it.
the new pi agent 2.0 currently does not support extension boards. Generic analog sensor does not work because you need to use a ADC along with the cayenne MQTT python library.

I click log in and out ingredient says I need to contact someone.

As far as the sensor, the device is an analog to digital converter

ADC extension boards are not supported.

Apologies, I read the last line of your previous email incorrectly