Air-conditioning control system emulator

About This Project

This project was made in order to a university project; the project is about an air-conditioning control system (simulated by a RGB led) using Arduino Uno. ​ ​

A digital temperature and humidity sensor sends the data to the microcontroller that writes them on an LCD screen and sends them to Cayenne. Using the Cayenne Dashboard we can manage the information and we can decide to switch on either the heating system (Red led), the dehumidifier (Green led) or the cooling system (Blue led).​

What’s Connected

The main things are Arduino uno, DHT11 sensor, Arduino Standard LCD and RGB led.

Triggers & Alerts

I set both notification and trigger; (just to try the features) when the temperature is over 25°C i receive an email, when temperature is below 15°C swich on the “heating system”(Led RED) and when it is over 25°C switch on the “cooling system” (Led Blue)

Photos of the Project


Github code

repository: GitHub - SalvatoreLicitra/AirConditioningControlSystem: An air-conditioning control system (simulated by a RGB led) using Cayenne and Arduino Uno. ​


nice project @Salvatore. can you attach the code.

i just upload the description with te repository link!

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