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I’m new to Cayenne - currently building an application in which LPWAN (most likely LoRaWAN / TTN) connected asset trackers would (amongst other things) send notifications/alarms to mobile devices. So far I use a MQTT push service that subscribes to the TTN MQTT broker, and sends out push notifications to mobile devices using the respective battery-friendly Apple/Google APIs. Works well but is not very flexible.

Would Cayenne be a good solution? I was meaning to look into the Cayenne apps, assuming that they would provide a more flexible battery-friendly push notification solution.
However, I cannot find the apps at all in the iOS or Android app stores. Is this a Europe vs USA thing?

Failing a “proper” Cayenne-App solution, does Cayenne offer a MQTT broker that I could point my MQTT push provider to? Then I could do the filtering/processing at Cayenne and have a different provider do the push notifications. I would like to avoid house-of-cards stacks of cloud services though.


there is no push notification feature in cayenne. though you can add your device to cayenne using cayennelpp payload format.

Thanks, Shramik, for your quick response!

I think the The Things Network - Cayenne integration uses CayenneLPP, so that’s what I would be using implicitly. Is there a Cayenne MQTT broker that I could use instead of a the Cayenne App doing push notifications?

To make more clear what I have in mind, here’s the house-of-cards of services that I’m thinking of cobbling together. Does the component marked in bold exist in Cayenne?

Gizmo → LoRaWAN → TTN (using TTN Caynne integration) → Cayenne (for filtering/processing) → Cayenne-MQTT broker → MQTT-push-service (subscribes to MQTT, forwards using Google/Apple APIs) → Mobile

At the moment my stack looks like this:
Gizmo → LoRaWAN → TTN (using TTN’s MQTT broker) → MQTT-push-service (subscribes to MQTT, forwards using Google/Apple APIs) → Mobile
Works well, but TTN itself is not very powerful in filtering/processing messages.

I could set something up using Node Red myself, but since I rely on Cloud Services anyway for TTN and the Apple/Google powered battery-friendly push notifications, I might as well let some pros manage the servers doing the filtering/processing. Cayenne seems a good choice as it seems to be powerful, easy to use and nicely integrated with TTN, but the information re Cayenne and MQTT that I could find on first glance discussed connecting devices to Cayenne using MQTT, not getting data out.

I would however also be open to other suggestions to do thinks in a more Cayennesque way, if I’m missing something.

have a look at this topic Using Node-RED as a Local Fallback Server and Cayenne Docs.

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Ah, yes - I see now: Cayenne has an MQTT broker and one can easily subscribe to COMMAND messages from Cayenne using MQTT. Perfect!

Thanks for your pointers!

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