iOS Cayenne App not working

Hi everybody

I am using a ESP8266 NodeMCU to control a little home grow box with a dashboard where also 2 buttons are integrated to start/stop and reset the cycle. Everything is working fine with webbrowser of cayenne but not with the iOS App. Some values are updated only once when I open the app and some not at all. Buttons are not working as well with the app. I already tried to delete and reinstall the app but without success.

Any idea what the problem is?


Are you keep the app in the background? if yes, then you need to close and restart the app.

Thank you for your fast reply. Unfortunetly, this is not the issue. If I start the app from new and wait for the data update nothing happens.

You mentioned above it works when you open the app. Is it working fine on the web browser?

Everything works fin on web browser. The app shows only some data when I open it but even then not every values are shown correctly and as long as I am not closing the app and reopen it, the values are not being updated like on the web browser. The buttons sometimes works on the App and sometimes not. The buttons on the web browser working perfectly.

i kept a test device which publish data every 15sec and it populated the data on the IOS app correctly for 5minutes. Once the app is kept in background, you need to restart it.

Okay thanks. Values seems to be okay right now. What about the buttons? Also the button state is not shown correctly, means if I push the button on the web, the button on the App changes not from green (not activated) to grey (activated). This is also not working vice versa, means button state will also not being updated when the button on the App is activated. In the cayenne_Out loop I send the Button state via Cayenne_In channel back to update the state but this seems not to work.

The button state work in sync between web and app at my end test.

changing the button state from device is not supported.

Hi shramik,
i have the same issue, and i want to know if i can control the state of the button from my iphone app, it is supported? theres any code that allow me to do that? thanks.

cayenne app on both IOS and android are not supported and avaialble.

is there any date for the release again of the apps?

we will release a PWA, but not soon.

then how can i desing my own iot solution with cayenne for commertially purpose?, thanks.

cayenne is not for commercial. We have a platform specially made for commercial Work with Us - myDevices

So in Jun 8th asanchesdelc (Leader) said in the “Android & iOS Mobile App (Deprecated)” thread: “We hear you loud and clear, and we will provide a timeline on the PWA later this week.” So its being almost two months no timeline and no PWA app!!! Do you have something to share now on this??