Android app Error

I am using Nexus 5 with latest official update from Google for Android 6. From a couple of days, when I open the app, I recieve the following error:

I have the same issue on both Android and IOS devices.

is your Pi using jessie?

They Know

Search for “Android app showing “There was an error loading your data”

we have all been looking for a fix


Hi @ognqn.chikov, @ivar

As @sv650suk mentioned, we are aware of this issue stemming from a release we did on February 14th, and I do apologize as I know its a frustrating bug to deal with.

You can temporarily work around the issue by force-stopping and closing the Android app from the Android Application Manager, then tapping ‘Clear Data’. You’ll have to re-login when you launch Cayenne, but the error messages should cease.

We know at this point that closing the app (or having it closed by a battery manager or other utility apps) will trigger the bug to reoccur, so we’re recommending that you just background the app until we have a new build released. However I have heard from people who insist that it still recurs even with no explicit closing of the app, so there may not be a foolproof way to avoid the error from reoccurring until we have a new Android build on the Play Store. You can always go through the process above to temporarily stop the error messages, of course.

I know that’s not a great experience and we’re working to get the new build out as soon as possible. We’ve already got it working in our QA environment, and passing all tests where the current one failed, so I have confidence that ‘soon’ will actually be soon with this one.

Thank you for your patience, and if you’re reading this by all means post here if you’re seeing this error if you want me to add you to the notification list when the fix is released.


@ivar You mentioned iOS, where we are not aware of this issue. Could you post a screenshot of the iOS error you’re seeing when trying to load Cayenne?

@jody I don’t think this is Raspbian OS related at all. Were you having this issue as well?

I have also this problem with my android phone.

I clean cache and uninstall app but my phone show me error :frowning:

Having the same issue, looking forward to the fix really soon

Don’t worry. I am just reporting something that I have see and try to help.

Best Wishes,

It is appreciated. Demonstrating that this was a widespread issue is what’s getting me a much faster response from our development team, so thank you for letting us know that you ran into it.

@jakub.demeter we’ve found that in the context of this issue, the “Error Loading” and “Server Error” messages are the same issue. As well as the blank Arduino dashboards in the app. For most people, a ‘Force Stop’, then ‘Clear Data’ in the Android App Manager will temporarily give some relief from this issue. It can recur for sure if you close the Cayenne Android app, and possibly in other scenarios. That’s what I’d try until we have a fix out.

Hi, I am completely frustrated now for over a week now have problems server error, triggers, android app crashing, totally unusable now.
Have followed instuctions uninstalling, deleting cache, uninstalling app etc. Cayenne has been brilliant up to now but I feel not enough information has been released and I have wasted time trying to see where the problem lies me or cayenne.

Hi @gregwarner52630 I totally understand your frustration with the Cayenne Android app, it’s barely usable right now unless you babysit it, and even then sometimes it doesn’t behave. It was an unintended side effect of the major architecture changes we had to bite the bullet and make in order to make Cayenne more scalable moving forward. The silver lining is that with that work in place we’re going to be able to dedicate much more developer effort to squashing a lot of the long-standing community bugs and feature requests.

If possible I’d stick to the web dashboard until we update the app (have to imagine next week, the fix just needs additional test to be safe). I can confirm it fixed every instance of this issue on my test Android devices.

Hi rsiegel

Can i be any help testing anything for you


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IOS. Helps closing and reopening the app.

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Dear rsiegel,

Is there any chance the web interface could be made more mobile friendly?
I’m using a Android-based 5.5" smartphone with Google Chrome and when I access the cayenne dashboard, I have to enable the “Request Desktop version” for this website, because otherwise I would be only presented with links to the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Another thing in the Android App:
Is it a known bug that for gauges the color ranges are not the same when defined on a desktop computer and then viewed on a smartphone? I had to configure the ranges twice: Once for the desktop view, and once for the smartphone view.



The related Android issues with:

  • ‘Error Loading’ error message
  • ‘Server Error’ error message
  • Arduino dashboard showing blank on Android (no widgets)

should all be resolved now with an update made on our server side! :fireworks:

Please note that a new Android release was not necessary to fix this bug, so the latest build is still 1.2.7 at the time of this post. You should see improved behavior immediately when using the Cayenne Android app, but you may want to Force Stop → Clear Data → re-login one final time before trying to ensure a clean slate.

I’m going to move this topic to ‘Resolved’, but by all means we’d like your feedback if this fix did or didn’t work to resolve these issues for you, so feel free to keep posting here. If you have a new issue, or one unrelated to the bullet list I made above, I encourage you to create a new thread so your issue isn’t lost in all of the posts about this previous issue.

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Even from a couple of days I don’t have the problem anymore. Last time (at about 3-4 days) I just delete the app and then install it again and the error has gone.


Thanks, and thank you for your patience. :slight_smile: