Android app wont open

go to open app… shows this

reinstalled app and is working! why did it do that?

I had this for a couple of days, some saying “server error” and some not being able to populate information, uninstalled and reinstalled 3-4 times. All is ok now.

Same for me, Cayenne on Android Samsung Galaxy S6 version 1.2.7 stoped or starting with “Server error”. I think it happened after version upgrade. My devices are still alive and reachable from web page.

I cleared data and cache in phone → settings->programs->Cayenne. When started where we no history, so I reconnected with my account, and program started. :grinning:

Hi @aviete.pi, @thorneyroad, @drag_knee,

That message is a result of a server change we did earlier this month which causes the Android app to start erroring out in certain conditions. We are aware of the issue and currently testing a build which resolves this. As you’ve found, re-installing the app (or taking the less drastic step of force-stopping the app and ‘Clear Data’ in your Android application manager) will grant at least temporary relief from the issue.

We know it can re-occur by closing the app, so we’re recommending that you just background it when not in use until we have a fix out the door. For some users, they’ve reported that the error still occasionally recurs even when taking care not to close the app. So if it does, repeat the above steps to get it working again. If it fits into your workflow, you may want to consider using the Cayenne web dashboard until the Android app gets this update.

Certainly I’m pulling for a release by the end of the week so we can put this behind us. I’ve added your names to a list to notify when the bug is fixed and I’ll be sure to post in this thread as well.

Thanks for your patience while we resolve this and apologies for the inconvenience.


The related Android issues with:

  • ‘Error Loading’ error message
  • ‘Server Error’ error message
  • Arduino dashboard showing blank on Android (no widgets)

should all be resolved now with an update made on our server side! :fireworks:

Please note that a new Android release was not necessary to fix this bug, so the latest build is still 1.2.7 at the time of this post. You should see improved behavior immediately when using the Cayenne Android app, but you may want to Force Stop → Clear Data → re-login one final time before trying to ensure a clean slate.

I’m going to move this topic to ‘Resolved’, but by all means we’d like your feedback if this fix did or didn’t work to resolve these issues for you, so feel free to keep posting here. If you have a new issue, or one unrelated to the bullet list I made above, I encourage you to create a new thread so your issue isn’t lost in all of the posts about this previous issue.