Installing Cayenne in Android stops locally running on Pi


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    Bug: I installed Cayenne on my RaspberryPi-3 and it works initially, but then when I install the Cayenne Android phone application and add my RaspberryPi-3 device there to use it remotely, the Cayenne interface on my RaspberryPI-3 stops working (showing “Offline” now). Cayenne does work from my Android phone at this point, but I want Cayenne to work from both the RaspberryPi-3 and Android interfaces, but I can only get one to work at a time. -Is this a bug? -Is there a work around? -Is there a way to use Cayenne on my Android cell phone through the Web instead of installing Cayenne on it?


Sorry for the delay here. Can you check to see that you are signing in on the same account on mobile and your web dashbaord? I’ve seen this a couple times when it installs for a different account shot it then shows offline for the other account.