Android app server error

I can use a webbrowser on laptopo to login ok but for the last week my android app has server error.
Ive stopped it cleared data . same error and uninstalled reinstalled same error.

Can you PM me your account details.

Hi there, same issue to me from at least one month. Android app has “server error” while I can see my data on web page. I’ve tried to delete app data or delete app and reinstall but problem remains.

If you raise it with them the community manager sorted it out quickly. Fastest customer service ive ever had.

@liuktex can you PM me your email_id.

Im going to flash latest firmware to esp01 see if that works. Thanks

SAME here…
unistall the app an d reinstall but cannot login. Server error all the time ( from tha app in my mobile-Pocophone)
any suggestion???

Can you PM me your email_id.

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Hi . Mine is all working now. thanks

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Mine still dont…any suggestions?

i just change password and works fine!!!


Hi my android app log out automaticly…and when i try log in into my account server error occured…please help me my project require cayeen app

can you change your password by clicking on Log in to Cayenne

Thanks, my problem was solved … but my question is why I automatically log out of CayeenAccount? Is Cayeen Reliable for Industrial Projects?

after how long does it logout.

it depends on how you handle the error on the board. which board are you using. what is your project about?

I use nodemcu board…Look, I want to measure the amount of light in an industrial environment (such as an oil-based environment) with a luxury sensor and monitor it on my phone by cayewn app

you can use cayenne for your use case.

Very Thank you … as a final question
Is it possible to shut down the cayeen server? Because my project is such that no server should be disconnected at all

The cayenne server is always on, but what if there some issue with your internet provider ?

Ok… have you any idea
For when the internet is shut down for any reason?