Android Server error


I am not being able to login to Cayenne using Android app. Any issues going on ? Also when is the expected timeline for fixing the Arduino scheduling issue. I still find it very inconsistent.


Hi @soubir

This time ‘Server Error’ actually means server error on the Android app :slight_smile: Our production website is experiencing issues, so it would affect iOS and web as well. Our IT is looking into it now and should have it up shortly.

As far as the Arduino scheduler, we decided to re-code the whole thing rather than fixing individual bugs, as every fix seemed to introduce new issues. I’ll talk with the team when I’m in the office tomorrow and try to get a better update on when you’ll be seeing that. Thanks for your patience, and apologies for the downtime here.

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Looks like the downtime should be resolved now. Let me know if your Android app recovers OK and is able to view data without the ‘Server Error’ message. If it still shows that, try Clearing app cache and data in the Android App Manager. But please let me know if you had to do that – I want to make sure the Android app doesn’t get in a state it can’t recover from after these short downtimes.

I may have jumped the gun a little – we’re up but making sure things are stable right now. You may want to hold off on checking for a few more minutes…

Alright, things should be stable now. :slight_smile:

Hi @rsiegel,

Thank you and the team always for the prompt response.
I used the app but still was getting the error occasionally and very strange is that not all of my Android devices had the error.

Really looking forward to the arduino scheduling fix.