Arduino connection issues

Hi All, just trying to set up an arduino MKR 1010 on cayenne, i cnt even get past setup screen 2 where you pick what type of arduino. The instructions seem straightforward but the “next” button does not work?


turns out the website must have been playing up, 5th time lucky

is your issue fixed?

Not all of them. I got that point after 5 attempts. Does Cayenne support arduino MKR1010 boards? if not will they be supported? what should i do moving forward for a dashboard for it?


@windress_666 do not create multiple threads on same topic. For MKR1010 you have to manual connect to cayenne using pubsub library and WifiNINA library.

Hi there, I didn’t understand if this problem was fixed or not, but I am experiencing the same issue.
I am using an arduino UNO with an ethernet shield HR911105A. Not able to go over step 2

can you download the cayenne app on your mobile device and add the device from the app.