Arduino MKR1000

Hello, has anyone used Arduinos MKR1000 and a DHT22 to send data to the Cayenne dashboard?

try this:

Ok, thanks

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Hello, do I need to do anything else with this setup? The MKR1000 seems to disconnect after a few hours or a day and I have two Arduinos showing up in the mobile dashboard one just has an auth code and the other has all the MQTT info.

no, you don’t require anything else. add #define CAYENNE_DEBUG and check the serial monitor for the cause of disconnect.

this is the previous version and now you have to shift to new cayenne MQTT.

I too have issues with the MKR1000 going offline constantly even with other devices on the same LAN staying connected. Just see “network disconnected” in the debug output and it drops off the wifi (signal @ 95% all the time). I’ll keep testing!

@tim2 not sure but maybe issue with MKR1000.

Also check that you are not re-using the same MQTT credentials for this device.

Nope - def diff creds

i am not sure what is the issue here. Does reseting it connects it again?

Are you using a high quality power supply? wifi devices may draw a significant current when starting wifi. I’d say 2A should be fine.