Problem with mkr1000 test code

I use demo code to test mkr1000 to write millis on dashboard, but the device ramains offline

I enable serial log but I get only this messages and no data been transfered to dashboad
[18081] Connecting to torricel1
[19214] Connected to WiFi
[19215] IP:
[19216] Connecting to
[19906] Connected

Any soggestions?

there have been issue reported by many user with mkr1000 and there is no good answer or solution to why this is happening.

Could you show me a log of a working demo app?
I think where is some problem when getting internet connection and transfer demo data from e to cayenne site.
I will try to pass all paramaters as a manual connection sample suggest., or I’ll try another wireless connection (like cell phone hotpoint). Do you have any suggestion to find where the app stop?

I fing a lot of tutotial to connect this device to cayenne but no one say of problem with connection and upload data.

the issue is with the wifi library and cayenne library. this causing the mkr to hang after some time.

It doesn’t hang after some time It’ doesn’t start, it’s transfer nothing.


this is the start and after this it hangs,

also to add there are lot of issue with mkr1000 outside cayenne

yes, it hangs after startup

No one have connected mkr1000 to cayenne with demo code functioning?

The code hangs inside this funcion:


Any suggestion?

we are going to discontinue the support for Mkr as it is having alot of issue.

what arduino hardware with embedded wifi works well with cayenne?
Could suggest device that work well with cayenne libarary?
Mkr is a new device I think it was supported because was in supported harware list. I tested also with mkr1010 but i get the same result.

beside mkr all other boards listed here work and all esp8266 development boards.