Wifi no password


I have a Network setup with no password. Now Cayenne doesn’t seem to work with " char password[] = ‘’ "
How can I make this work ? (With remaining to have no password on the wireless) ?


Hi @cyberion1985 and welcome to the Cayenne community.

Have you tried "" (with no space inbetween the quotes)?


Thanks for your response @rsiegel

Unfortunately, I have to give up on Cayenne . It was my last hope/straw.
I added a password.

Cayenne doesn’t support Arduino UNO Wifi Dev Ed

Thanks for your help though. Will need to convince my client to buy a simple Arduino UNO with WiFi shield.
Then all will be ok.


It is something we’re planning to support in the future, but you’re correct, I haven’t seen one connected yet. Well, one user connected his with an Ethernet Shield attached, so if this is an option then it should probably work. But negates the whole point of having a Wifi Arduino.