Arduno MKR WAN 1300

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to connect my Arduino MKRWAN 1300 with Cayenne as im using the LORA gateway as part of my project. I have successfully connected the CayenneLPP with my device but now i need an actual hardware to add more widgets like buttons etcadd%20widget

i did not understand what you meant. can you be more precise at what issue you have here.

my Arduino MKRWAN1300 is connected to Cayenne via CayenneLPP. I want to add more widgets into the dashboard but i cant since there is no microcontroller connected. so is there any way that i can add widgets using the CayenneLPP?


You need the add the CayenneLPP data type in the code and it will auto create the respective widget on the dashboard.

so for instance if i want to add a button. i will have to put a code in the arduino, run it and it will display?

which network server are you using? if TTN then have a look at this

im using LORIOT network server

then you have to create your own code to handle the downlink message.

how do i do that?

can you share the cede you have used to connect to cayenne?