Blackbird WiFi controlled dual DC outputs + dual generic inputs

2 transistor driven outputs on GPIO 2 and GPIO 5
will supply and control up to 36Vdc, and up to 1Amp
for lights, relays, solenoids, chimes, motors, valves and electric door strikes.

The dual inputs on GPIO 12 and GPIO 4
can be connected to motion detectors, limit switches, smoke detectors…

download the CAD file by clicking:
This file can be viewed AND the PC board can be ordered by using CAD software.
Minimum order is $68 for (3) PC boards,
Yielding (12) BlackBird circuits
Here’s a complete parts/source list
(excluding the Esp12-e)
for building 12 PC boards:

$68.50 for (3) PC boards, yielding (12) BlackBirds
$30 for (12) Esp12-E units
$108 for DigiKey parts for (12) BlackBirds,
about $216 per yield of (12) units, or about $18/unit-

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